November 21, 2019 by admin

I live in New York city. I went to school about an hour north in upstate NY, to a state school called SUNY New Paltz. I have lived in New York my entire life!

When I travel my favorite thing to do is meet new people and try local cuisine. Dining in a foreign country is such a unique experience and I have always been a pretty big foodie, but who isn’t!

 I’ve traveled to Northern Canada, the Grand Canyon, Miami, and Charleston SC to name a few places in North America. I have also been to England and Ireland twice each and have been to almost every major city in both countries!

I want to be a local because I spend so much of my free time exploring and dining out in the city it would be great to share my knowledge with others traveling!  

I would say the best tip for traveling in my home country is taking advantage of going out during week nights. They are usually less crowded and a great opportunity to have conversation and meet more locals! It’s also easier to get a drink from the bar without waiting 30 mins. There is always something going on every night of the week in New York City. It’s just knowing where to go, which is where my local knowledge comes in handy!



Wander Local, New York City

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