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My name is Karol and I’m 20 y/o. I live with my mom and a super cute dog!
I study Tourism in one of the Federal Institutes here in São Paulo, and i’ve already lived in Canada – Vancouver for 6 months before finishing high school, which was amazing!
I learn a lot about traveling and tourism in my graduation so, when I travel, I love looking around and noticing the local culture wherever I go. Looking what are their behaviors like, what they love doing and why, what are their symbols and goals.

Not only Vancouver, but I had the chance to travel Brazil a little bit. I’ve been to Itu and Salto in Sao Paulo, Maceio in Alagoas, to Paraty in Rio de Janeiro, to Bahia, to Curitiba in Parana and to Joinville, Balneario Camboriu and a few other places in Santa Catarina. I also travelled by bus and car, which gave me the chance to actually see the things happening between a few places.

Being a local, for me, is more than showing around our places – is showing how we behave and how we feel. Is telling a little bit of history and why those places matter to us. Not only that, is showing people that Brazil is way more than sun and beaches.

For a best tip I’d say to: talk to locals!
They know the best stuff and even the little stuff. They will make your trip cheaper and so much more fun! I had locals in a few of my trips and they really help us to see the real things that happen beneath our expectations of the landscape.



Wander Local, New York City

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