Sunday Funday in Lima Peru

December 6, 2019 by admin

Activity 1- Lazy Sunday: No plans yet? Get your grocery done at the Feria Ecologica Barranco! From small farmers to your house. Great place to buy your greens, gluten free products, bread, vegan milk, hummus, veggie burgers, essential oils, etc. (You can find them at: Av. San Martin cdra. 7)

Activity 2- Parque Kennedy: At the center of Lima’s Miraflores district, you will find what has become the unofficial main square of Lima, curiously named after an American President. It is the point of convergence of both locals and travelers alike, and arguably the forefront of modern Lima. Surrounded by a vast array of restaurants, cafes, shops, and about every other thing the capital of Peru could offer you, visiting Parque Kennedy is a must for any visitor. – You can also enjoy of Live Music at the Little Chabuca Granda amphiteater.

Activity 3- Plaza De Armas Barranco –Barranco’s Main Square is a colourful hub of local life. Grab a bench and do some people watching or visit the Municipal Library which also houses the tourist office.

Just across from the main square in Barranco you will find the stunningly refurbished lifestyle concept store Puna. They have a beautifully curated collection of lifestyle design objects, decorative objects, prints and paintings by contemporary Peruvian artists. A must-visit on any Barranco itinerary.

Brunch- There is also brunch places you can visit nearby (Colonia & Co, Pan Sal Aire, Caleta Dolsa) all located at Barranco district and if you want to move on to San Isidro you will also find some options there  (Isidro, Emilia Colonia, Mo Bistro, 500 Grados)



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