Creating Itineraries

Do I create my itinerary or does Wander’s locals?

Both! Option 1: You can build your adventure using our list of itineraries written by locals. Buy 1-day or 7-days. Buy it before your trip or during your trip. Download the itineraries instantly. Option 2: Fill out the survey of what you like to do and where you are going and our Locals will get back to you within 24 hours with an itinerary.

What do I get?

Each daily itinerary has 3 activities based on a theme. For example, Bar Hop through the East Village of NYC, Bike around Food Markets in Buenos Aires, PIsco Sour Tasting in Lima, Peru. Each activity will have a description, transportation tips, local’s fun fact, and restaurant recommendations.

How much is Wander?

Build your own trip for $19/ daily itinerary (3 activities). Wander builds it for you $49/day.

Who do I pay?

You pick your itineraries, plop them into your cart, and checkout. It’s that simple! We pay our locals to write the itineraries and keep them up to date.

Wander App

How do I login into the Wander Like Me app?

1- Choose your itineraries on Wander Like Me 2- Create an account 3-Download the app on the Apple Store. User the same username and login accessed on the Wander Like Me website. 4- GET WANDERING!

How does the App work?

You arrived to Peru! Congrats! Pull out your Wander app and select an itinerary you purchased, “Visit Italian Mansions in Lima”. Follow step-by-step guide on where to go with the map and description.

App Not working?

Email us at contact@wanderlike.me


Who are your locals?

They are artists, authors, mothers, students, marketing professionals, hotel staff, tour guides...experts of their city.

How do we pick our locals?

We have screened each of them based on their awesome ideas to exploring their cities and expertise in playing or being a tour guide for friends and tourists.

Do I meet the local?

No, our locals write the itineraries and you get to use them as a self-guided tour. Explore at your own pace, with your friends or family. Avoid the crowds and big tour groups. It’s like having a tour guide in your pocket!