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Wander Like Me- Tour Guide in Your Pocket

October 24, 2019 by Lauren Mccullagh
travel itineraries written by locals

Get Wander Like Me for those unplanned moments!

So you are hiking Machu Picchu. Congrats! It’s an amazing experience climbing up all those stairs and coming around the corner to find the hidden Inca village. It’s breathtaking. But what are your plans for Cusco, the town at the base of Machu Picchu adventure? That’s where Wander Like Me comes in. Wander is travel itineraries written by local to help you explore deeper, for the moments that are written in travel books or blogs. Instant ideas and tips to traveling like a local. 

You are hiking Patagonia! Amazing the W-trek from refuge to refuge should definitely be on your bucket list. But what are your plans for Buenos Aires? Are you planning to go to Mendoza too?

For many of us, we plan all the details of these major hikes, UNESCO sites and world wonderers to the world. How to get there, what to see, and how much it will cost. But all these details are forgotten when you book the city you land in before going to Patagonia or Cusco or Banff.

For example, you have a two nights in Buenos Aires before you fly to Patagonia. Besides eating steak and drinking Malbec, but what else is in Buenos Aires that isn’t swarmed with tourists? How can I experience the culture without joining a tour my mom would go on? You didn’t come on vacation to hang out with strangers and be stuck to a tour schedule. We got you! We have done the research how to experience the culture in Buenos Aires. We don’t just tell you what to see but how to see it…step-by-step.
Well, we got you! Wander Like Me is a great app for those unplanned moments.  You can ask the concierge or the front desk, but they will give you their list that they give everyone.

Or, you can search Wander’s list of local itineraries and instantly download them to your phone.

Here are the steps

  • Pick the city you are traveling to
  • Pick the types of activities you like to do
  • Pick from a list of daily itineraries written by locals. The itineraries will tell you three things to do and see, locals’ tips, transportation details, cost, link to websites and more.
  • Access your itineraries through the app.

And you are off. It’s like having a travel agent in your pocket.
Get Wandering! #wanderlikeme


Lauren Mccullagh