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Custom self-guided daily itineraries to explore off the beaten path.

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Wander partners with locals to create self-guided daily itineraries to help you explore off the beaten path. Whether you choose to build your own adventure with our itineraries or have us curate your trip for you- You’ll discover the hidden gems that locals love - and that you normally wouldn’t know exist!

How it Works

Build Your Instant Itinerary
Step 1

Build Your Instant Itinerary

How do you like to Wander? Jumping off waterfalls? Sloth-searching? Sandcastle-making? Cool rooftop bars? Answer a few multiple choice questions and we’ll suggest itineraries curated by our in-the-know locals.

Get a Free Itinerary
Download the Wander App
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Download the Wander App

The Wander app is like a travel guide in your pocket. It’s designed to be used entirely offline. You’ll pull up the app on your phone to access your custom-built, step-by-step itineraries, letting you trade the tourist traps for the authentic locals' tips your guide book doesn’t know about.

Download the Wander App
Prepare to Wander Like a Local
Step 3

Prepare to Wander Like a Local

Each activity on your itinerary is clearly marked on your map, and you can go at your own pace. Eat at Nonna’s restaurant, easily finding your way to an otherworldly hike, watching a movie under the stars, or catching a band that speaks to your soul! Only an in-the-know local could clue you into the things you’re about to see and do!

Why Wander

Save Time on Planning

We get it - you’re busy. We got you! No need to read through all the blogs and travel books, trying to make your trip unique. Wander builds your trip for you in minutes, based on your interests and with locals' itineraries.

Save money

You don’t need to hire a travel agent. Save that money for an extra glass of wine or a longer horseback-riding tour! Wander also gives you tips on how to cut costs on your trip.

Get the Local Experience

We hire locals from around the world to write unique one-day itineraries. Each travel plan has a step-by-step guide to three activities, restaurant recommendations, and maps. Getting off the beaten path and knowing local's tips is our speciality. Explore deeper!

Meet our Locals

Our locals are artists, moms, tour guides, students, authors, and marketing professionals. They their cities, and want to share their secrets with you.

Happy Travelers

Brothers' Adventure to Peru

Trip: Cusco, Peru
Length: 5 days
Itineraries: Wander was exactly what we needed! My brother and I were going to Peru, but I was swamped with work and didn’t have time to plan. I wanted to make sure we saw Machu Picchu and experience the Inca culture and food. Wander’s suggestions were on point! Having an itinerary saved us time and made it so much easier to just enjoy the sites. No the travel site had such great tips and personalized itineraries like Wander did.

Banff, Canada

“Wander’s suggestions helped us discover amazing hikes that weren’t packed, like Mt. Fairview in Alberta, Canada. We loved Wander’s local advice compared to the usual guidebooks.”

Jimena S

“I used Wander for my trip to Morocco. They were super helpful and suggested the best sites and places to visit in Marrakesh. I recommend them 100% and will certainly use them for future destinations.”

Diego C
Paris, France

“Wander’s suggestions were on point! Having an itinerary to help us navigate our honeymoon made it so much easier to just enjoy the sights. No other travel site had such detailed and personalized itineraries like Wander did.”

Transparent Pricing

Honest and authentic recommendations. Our locals pick the best sights and restaurants with no markups

Build Your Own Adventure
Browse our selection of full day itineraries and combine your favorites to build your trip.
Build Your Own Adventure Itineraries Include:
  • 3 activity suggestions/day, curated by a Local
  • Details on what to see
  • Insider tips and directions
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Easy-to-follow instructions via the Wander App
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